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Amt-Turbo International ltd specialises in the production, sales and support of turbochargers and turbo parts worldwide. Our sales office is Hong Kong based and our manufacturing is undertaken at our facility 4 Point Engineering in Jiangsu Province China. Amt-Turbo International has based its development through a combination of:

Skilled Engineers

Highly qualified and experienced OE trained engineers with over 40 years experience in design,inspection and testing processes of turbochargers and turbocharger components.

Product Management, quality control and testing

  • Specialised quality control and management of raw material.
  • Specialised dimension and inspection processes of finished goods.
  • Critical tolerance management and inter-part compatibility measuring and testing.
  • All Chra are oil leak tested on our purpose built vacuum oil leak test equipment.
  • All Chra are then balance tested on Turbo Technics balancing machines.
  • All VNT turbochargers are flow tested on a min flow test rig and checked for boost and actuator movement.
  • All our turbo parts are 100% interchangeable with original parts.
  • Constant progress is being made to provide our customers with a better product and experience.

Sales Distribution and Support

Turbochargers and Turbocharger Components, by the products very nature, cannot be distributed without full technical support services and therefore it is Amt-Turbo International policy that these services shall always be made available when deciding upon new markets.

It is through this process that our clients through our service and support centres have a vertically integrated communication directly to our factory and engineers for speedy resolutions of warranty and other technical issues involving the Amt Turbochargers and Turbocharger Components.


AMT-Turbochargers and Chra are serially controlled and scanned through the whole assembly process with records that cover:

Parts input and assembly dates and details

Product test results and dates

Product packaging dates

Product warehousing

Product distribution dates

AMT Product Quality

AMT-Turbocharger and Turbocharger Components are packaged with security and product protection in mind, taking into consideration factors that can cause product failure and/or breakage through shipment.

All of our products are cleaned and sealed in a dust free environment before packaging, ensuring product is free of any contaminants that may cause product failure.

Upon insertion of AMT-Turbochargers and Turbocharger Components into respective packaging, the products are wrapped as such, not to have any movement within the packaging during shipment and or Turbocharger or Turbocharger Component exposure to the outer packaging surfaces.

AMT-Turbochargers are provided with a full fitment kit that includes Gaskets, studs, nuts, installation and trouble shooting guides and syringe with oil for turbocharger priming prior to startup.

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